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Meridian Holdings, Inc. Announces A Business Agreement with Health Laboratory Research Institute, Inc. for the Deployment of Patient-focused Web Site, healthlab.net. 

LOS ANGELES, July 20 /PRNewswire/ -- Anthony c. Dike, MD, chairman and chief executive officer of Meridian Holdings, Inc. (OTC Bulletin Board: MEHO – news), announced today that the company is completing negotiations to provide the technology of their MedMaster™ clinical software to power a new and novel health information portal targeted to the health of the user-patient. Healthlab™ (Health Laboratory Research Institute, Inc.) provides clinical laboratory testing to patients referred by their private physician. Healthlab™ focuses on providing patients with a bundle of laboratory tests not covered under current medical coverage. The purpose: to target the individual and get them involved with the own health. By providing pertinent information, patients are able to make informed decisions concerning any changes in their life style. Healthlab™ is currently committed to transforming this branded service to the Internet where hundreds of thousands of patients can receive information concerning the value of good health.

Since 1986, the service product Healthlab™ (Uniquely Personal Health through Preventive Care) has been delivering interpretative health reports to patients and healthcare providers. With the deployment of www.healthlab.net, a health information portal will provide expanded service via the Internet:

Unique one-of-a-kind health report for the patient:

 *  Targeted information assessing the patient’s current health status.

 * Initiating “what if” scenarios for patients to enter their own laboratory values.

 *  Appropriate and pertinent links to addition health information.

 *  Augments the healthcare provider’s instruction and interpretation of tests.

 *  Comprehensive review of health data over time generating health deviations.

 *  Calculating changes in health by Delta values.

 *  Establish for each patient-user a personal electronic record.

 *  Development of central health data repository accessible by the Internet.

 *  HIPAA compliant and secure of personal health information.

 * Personal health data available twenty-four hours a day from anywhere.

 * Secure an e-commerce position in healthcare information portals.

The deployment strategy of Healthlab™ is to store user-patient information in a longitudinal lifetime electronic record of all clinical laboratory assessments into a central repository. A comprehensive report will generate each “health assessment deviation” (HAD) and compute Delta values for every change in health status.

“The success of Healthlab™ on the Internet is dependent upon the innovative technology of Intercare’s MedMaster™ clinical software.” The menu of tests include the basic report will be approximately fifty (50) different test that physicians typically order on patients and can be expanded to one hundred (100) tests or more. The database technology of MedMaster™ Virtual Multi-object-architecture VMDB™ will ensure that the technical process of graphic display, graphic user interface and client-server operations will be implemented and deployed.

Please take a moment to provide us comment on the technology of 3-D facial recognition system. Healthlab is pioneering the development of using a simple web camera to caputre the User's face in streaming video clips and using the stored biometric template of your facial structure as your authorization or password to enter the Healthlab portal.This technology is presently being used by our partner company ALIVE TECH in criminal facilities in Altanta Georgia to identify prisoners during the "booking" process, ensuring that upon release, the correct person is released back into the community.

If the technology presented itself, would you consider "login" into your personal health portal on the Internet with your 3-dimentional Face as your password while using your simple web camera?

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